Battle of the Brews

Join us for an evening of delicious craft beers, savory pairings, great live music, silent auction, and more. Yummy food, craft beers, cool music, and fun for the whole family.

Kymari House, Inc. is dedicated to quality services for children and families!

At Kymari House, Inc., we believe all children deserve to be safe and happy.

The physical and emotional safety of children is our highest priority.

Supervised visitation allows children to maintain a relationship with an absent parent or other family member, in a neutral and safe environment.

At Kymari House, Inc. every child is somebody – somebody important!

Keeping Children Safe, Keeping Families Together

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Welcome To Kymari House, Inc.!

At Kymari House, Inc. we believe in kids and their families.  No matter what happens to create conflict in a family, kids still want and need a positive, loving connection to their moms and dads.  It’s part of who they are, and who they will grow up to be.  We work with children and parents to ensure that family bonds remain strong so that no matter what happens to distance a child from their parent, there will always be a bridge back – a bridge that is safe, welcoming, and respectful of what it means to be a family.

The staff at Kymari House, Inc. are passionate about keeping kids connected to their families, and we work hard to create an environment where kids can be safe, happy and loved.  In other words, where kids can just be kids.

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Katy, thanks so much for supporting the 2018 Battle of the Brews! Folks, if you've never heard Katy sing, please head on over to her page Katy Collins and check it out. She rocked the house at The Grove! ... See MoreSee Less

Kymari House, Inc. creates positive, safe and loving environments for families in need; ensuring bonds between children and their parents remain strong, during difficult times. 2018 Battle of the Brew...

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