Kymari House, Inc. is dedicated to quality services for children and families!
At Kymari House, Inc., we believe all children deserve to be safe and happy.
The physical and emotional safety of children is our highest priority.
Supervised visitation allows children to maintain a relationship with an absent parent or other family member, in a neutral and safe environment.
At Kymari House, Inc. every child is somebody – somebody important!

Keeping Children Safe, Keeping Families Together

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Welcome To Kymari House, Inc.!

Our mission at Kymari House is to build strong families, informed communities, and resilient children. We provide connection and safety to vulnerable children through supervised visitation, co-parenting education, and therapeutic groups. Kymari House works closely with the court system and other community and governmental agencies to identify children at risk and provide services that help them remain safe and supported.

The staff at Kymari House, Inc. are passionate about keeping kids connected to their families, and we work hard to create an environment where kids can be safe, happy and loved.  In other words, where kids can just be kids.

Kymari House would like to thank their 2019 Community Partner: First Community Mortgage