At first, I was bitter and angry about having to visit my son under supervision, but after 6 months, I see it was the best thing that could have happened. It was a chance for me to focus on my son without any of the stress. I feel like I know him better than I ever have, and I’m a better mother for doing this.

I love how the monitors are present, but let me have my time with my children. When they do interact with my children, it’s with love and excitement. I thank God there is a Kymari House.

The whole agency is very professional, and I feel like they care about me and my children.

Thank you for the blessing you are to my boys and myself, and know that we feel safe under your guidance. It is a peace we have not felt in a number of years.

Thank you for working with me and helping me see my daughter. I’m just grateful for all of your help.

On our way to see our kids 😉 I can’t wait!!!! Thank God for Kymari house. Such a Wonderful BLESSING!